7 Outdoor Storage Ideas to Make Your House Look Tidy and Amazing

It’s not easy to plan your outdoor storage. Unlike the interior, where you can install cabinets, closets, and drawers to organize and store your stuff, the outdoors of your house is wide open. It means that you need to be more creative in planning practical yet aesthetically appealing storage for it.

Regardless of the design or style of your outdoor area – whether you have a tiny patio, a roomy balcony, or a modern-style garden – you can find plenty of storage ideas to make your outdoor space well-ordered and free of clutter. Read this blog article to learn more about the best storage ideas that you can apply for your home’s outdoors.

Outdoor Shed

An outdoor shed is like a small house with a roof, door, walls, and a room. You can store your outdoor equipment and tools in it, such as chairs, lawnmowers, gardening stuff, children’s toys, and other outdoor essentials. You can also provide it with hooks, boxes, and shelves to keep the things inside this outdoor storage more organized.

When choosing an outdoor shed, consider its design because it can impact the overall look of your home exterior. You can find outdoor sheds in a variety of materials, colors, and styles.

Crate Coffee Table with Compartments

Do you want something to make your creative mind work? Well, get yourself a few wooden crates, plywood, a coat of paint, a handful of nails, and casters. Then, assemble them to create a coffee table with storage that doesn’t only add utility to your outdoor area but also some style.

A crate coffee table has the ability to foster a rustic vibe to your outdoor space. Plus, you can keep your outdoor tools, magazines, and other stuff in it.

Outdoor Drink Station

You can transform an ordinary metal shelving unit into a wonderful outdoor drink station with a bit of creativity. You can exchange the shelving unit’s metal top with a wooden surface to make it more look attractive.

Then, cut a hole in the middle of the wooden top to put a box for the drinks and ice.  You can also fit the shelves with cocktail fixings and glassware.

Storage Benches

Your outdoor area should have furniture pieces where people can sit and talk. Benches are the standard when it comes to this part of the home. The good thing is that you can now find benches with storage compartments to keep your belongings.

So, aside from an excellent seating furniture piece, you now also have outdoor storage. You can also provide cushions or pillows, and when they’re not in use, you can keep them in the compartments.

Hanging Organizer for Gardening Tools

It’s a must that you have a hanging organizer in your outdoor area because it just solves every storage problem. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much space and adds beauty to your garden’s overall atmosphere, especially if the hanging organizer is finely made.

A hanging organizer helps keep your gardening stuff, such as clippers, gloves, seed packets, plant stakes, etc. You can also hang your crafts, winter accessories, and shoes in it.

Firewood Cubby

Having a place for your firewood is essential, especially if your outdoor deck has some ample space. A firewood cubby is a simple storage solution for keeping your extra firewood for your firepit. You can brush it with a fresh coat of paint to make it look like new.

Patio Cabinets

Do you have a tiny kitchen in your patio? Well, you better put storage cabinets in this part of your house. For you to save money, you can repurpose old standard base cabinets and paint it to make it look more attractive.


Now you know the different storage ideas for your outdoor area. If you want to organize your outdoor essentials and add extra utility in your outdoor space, keep in mind the things mentioned on this list.



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