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VPS is a short form phrase for Virtual Private Server. It divides a physical server into many different virtual machines that work as completely independent virtual private servers form one another. In brief, each VPS includes its operating systems and resource allocation, such as disc space, CPU, and RAM. As a result, you get the services of a dedicated server at lower costs.

Understanding a VPS server from scratch

Technically, understanding the concepts of virtual server hosting might be difficult for you. To understand how a VPS environment works and why its features make it preferred one than another hosting solutions let’s follow the simple illustration –

  1. Consider a web server and an apartment building as similar.
  2. You can divide the building into smaller and individual apartments that are private, secure, and inaccessible to others at will. Similarly, an entire server can be divided into smaller and personal VPS with similar characteristics.
  3. On the other hand, you can leave the building as a large, single house. Similarly, an entire server can be dedicated to a massive and single hosting account.

In the case of shared hosting, you will find yourself competing for the kitchen, washroom, and other amenities with users of the same server. However, in VPS hosting, you’ll get all of those accessible for only you.

Advantages of DMCA free VPS

Packed with the affordability of shared hosting and performance of dedicated hosting, VPS comes with many pros against very few cons to consider.

l Time to set up your VPS server is super fast.

l you can install and modify VPS software at will.

l with increased sever permissions you will get better control over it.

l you become able to remove or publish sites from your control panel with ease.

l  Despite sharing servers with other VPS users, each account runs independently of the other making it inaccessible and a VPS neighbor cannot view or interrupt yours.

l  You can benefit from the features of a dedicated server at the cost of server hardware.


Only potential drawbacks that come with using a VPS is

lYou get more resources with this plan that will increase the hosting price as compared to a shared hosting plan.

lWhile choosing an unmanaged VPS, you need to have more knowledge regarding servers and server administration.

l you choose an unmanaged VPS and are not familiar with command lines which refers to making a potential mistake.

If performance is your sole concern then the first drawback is no drawback at all as compared to the features a DMCA free VPS has on offer. However, 2nd and 3rd drawbacks might be a concern for you, where choosing a managed VPS plan is better consideration.

VPS for social media marketing automation

One of the essential parts of today’s business is marketing, where social media play an indispensable role. Its cost-effectiveness and a broad base of users provide you more significant opportunity to allow your business to reach a diverse consumer base.

According to Statist, by 2021 estimated social media users will reach 3.1 billion with an increase of 45%.

As a business owner, you will be promoting your products and business idea through different social media platforms. Tools like Amplifr, Jarvee might be your choice for managing multiple accounts. But, when you do not have access to your local computer and are busy at that given time, using these tools is not possible. With VPS, you can have access to these tasks even if you are disconnected.

Why DMCA free VPS is best for your business?

Since the inception of the internet, people have uploaded digital content over billions of gigabytes in forms of games, movies, music, and more. To protect this data from unauthorized use, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) comes into play. It protects content creators when a copyright law violator posts their work via the internet without any permission. DMCA free VPS provides a process easy to use for you to remove legally protected work from a website.

If you have content subject to removal requests through DMCA, seeking a DMCA free VPS hosting might be the best option for you. DMCA protected hosting ensures no forceful removal of your legitimate content just because someone said so.

Final takeaway

Smaller websites have few pages and lower page views suitable to perform well with shared hosting. On the other hand, more significant sites consist of hundreds of pages; with millions of page views require features of a dedicated server. In between, DMCA free VPS hosting is ideal for medium businesses and sites with regular traffic of a decent amount. This kind of VPS hosting enables you to have more control over your server and helps you to perform advanced functions.

Moreover, businesses expecting rapid growth can also take advantage of the stability of the service. If you require a reliable and budget-friendly hosting environment, considering DMCA free VPS hosting for your business-scale website will be worthy.


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