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How to turn off auto update in Windows 10

Many users may face slow internet speed issue on internet browsing or decreased speed in system processing. There would be many reasons behind the scenes. Windows auto update is one of the issues behind slow processing or low internet browsing. To prevent this issue the Windows update function should be stopped or disabled, and need to run only when we require Windows update. But unfortunately, Windows 10 didn’t come with this option to opt in. In Windows 8.1 and earlier we have the complete control when to update or optional update of the Windows. To turn off auto update in Windows 10 read the below details.

There are 2 options available for this, from PC Windows settings and by disabling the services from administrative tools.

PC Settings

To turn off windows updates go to Settings > Update & Security>Advance options, there you will see the option of Defer Updates. Look at the screenshots below

How to turn auto update off in Win 10

Step 1

Step2- How to turn auto update off in Win 10


Step3- How to turn auto update off in Win 10

Step 3

By checking the Defer upgrades, some of the updates will be stopped for next several months but security updates will continue updating. See here what Microsoft says about this Defer upgrades option. The users on Win 10 Home would be able to see this Defer upgrades option in the settings. Updates will be downloaded and installed which can make the PC processing slow and internet browsing as well. After the installation, if the user has not set the schedule a restart, a restart, may occur and the user has to save their work before the restart. Windows update would definitely prompt before a restart.

Win 10 Enterprise users can delay the updates for a while if they want to hold it. As per Microsoft, such users has the option to prevent the down time of system while on work. Atm’s, hospitals and corporate users are among these who has the option to hold the download even the update is available to download. Such users can download the update when they are free to download and restart the system.

But Home and Pro users are bound to download the updates whenever the new update is released by the Microsoft. Pro users may see the Defer upgrade option to opt in, but this will not stop windows to download security updates. The worst about these auto download update is that these updates consume a lot internet volume, if a user has limited internet volume then the update gonna eat that internet volume.

Turn off auto update in Windows 10

For such users turn off auto update in Windows 10, there is a backway to stop the update function. But it is necessary to keep the windows updated for the smooth running of all the applications. To disable this service follow these steps, Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services>Windows Update(Scroll down to bottom)

Step 1-How to turn auto update off in Win 10

Step 1

Step 2-How to turn auto update off in Win 10

Step 2

Step 3-How to turn auto update off in Win 10

Step 3

Step 4-How to turn auto update off in Win 10

Step 4

But it is recommended that user has to download and install windows updates to maintain the smooth processing of the system. As we know, windows update is part of the windows services so keeping this in mind user has to download updates and install quite often. This is just to show how can we can disable the windows update function to prevent it making the system slow.

Metered Connection

If we notice the update page in PC settings, it is clearly written that updates will not be download on metered connections.


How to turn off auto update in Windows 10

Metered Connection

To make wifi connection metered go to Settings>Network & Internet> Advance options (Under WIFI) and set metered connection on. It will make windows update to prevent downloading. See the following steps:

Step 1-How to turn off auto update in Windows 10

Step 1

Step 2- How to turn off auto update in Windows 10

Step 2

Step 3- How to turn off auto update in Windows 10

Step 3

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Note: If the windows update is not making any effect on the processing of your system and the internet volume then keep the default setting of the windows.

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